Socializing should not be a compromise.
Go Out, Have Fun, Live Your Best Life and Wake Up Feeling Amazing.

Powered by Plants stemmed from an idea: to harness the power of hemp and unleash our potential to lead a healthy, fulfilling and uncompromising social life. One in which harmful substances, excessive calories and hangovers are no longer a barrier but a thing of the past.

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Our Purpose

Our goal is to provide people like you with a healthier alternative to alcoholic beverages all around the world. Socializing should not be a compromise. Our hemp-infused drinks will liberate your ability to choose to have fun always without the worry or the guilt, the way nature intended it.

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."


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Be Powered By Plants

Choose an uncompromised social life that is healthier, more natural and Powered by Plants.

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